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What is a Management District?

Municipal Management Districts (“MMDs”) are political entities, created by an act of the legislature.  They have been used in the Greater Houston Area since the 1980’s as a means for property owners to work together to supplement city and county services and improvements.  Property owners identify common problems and issues in their area and use their management district to solve those problems.

The initiative for the creation of the West Fort Bend Management district originally came about from an effort by the George Foundation to improve and beautify the 59 corridor into Richmond and Rosenberg, and the concerns of some downtown business owners in Richmond.  When the cities considered the speed of development out here, they were supportive of a joint effort, and the project grew from one corridor (59) to all entry corridors of the cities of Richmond and Rosenberg. Both cities continue to support the WFBMD, and are responsible for nominating people to sit on the Board of Directors of the District. Legally speaking, the West Fort Bend Management District was created through passage of Senate Bill 1820 June 17, 2005 during the 79th Legislative Session of the State of Texas.

What does the West Fort Bend Management District do?

It was created to do many things – all based around generating improvements to stimulate the economic development of the area.   As management districts are locally controlled, grass-roots organizations, many of the actions it will undertake will come from the suggestions and requests of its constituents.

Who runs the Management District?

The Management District is governed by a Board of Directors.  They are drawn from the commercial interests and property owners of the District.  The Cities of Richmond and Rosenberg each nominate 2 of the Directors, and then jointly nominate the final director.

The Board may also nominate non-voting directors to the Board in order to increase representation within the District.

Who or what does the District govern and what powers does it have?

The District’s powers apply to property within the boundaries of the District. The District does not have the power to condemn property or to regulate land-use.

The district’s purposes and powers were tailored by the creating legislation to meet the goals and needs of our district which is unique – it is a corridor district.  The boundaries of the district (see the attached map) run along the major corridors of West Fort Bend and also cover the principal entryways into the two Cities.

Our District has 3 powers:-

  1. The power to provide services:  Services are things like:
    • Tourism services – guides, enhanced trash collection – like Downtown Houston has done.
    • Increased traffic control and security services.
    • Increased and improved maintenance services – like roadside mowing and landscaping.
  2. The power to build projects – also known as Improvements.  These can be projects like:-
    • Street and road lighting, signage and banners.
    • The design and construction of streets and sidewalks.
    • Signage and design of historical areas.
  3. The power to create Architectural and Landscape Standards.

How are Management Districts funded?

Management Districts are self-funded and find the funds in many ways:  a major way is to leverage public funds with private resources to accelerate improvements throughout the District.

Management Districts may also levy assessments for specific purposes, if those assessments are supported and voted in by the majority of the constituents – the commercial business and property owners of the District.  The majority is defined as owners representing a majority in value (51%) of the property to be assessed.

At this time the District is funded through contributions of the Development Corporation of Richmond and revenue received from a FM 359 mowing interlocal agreement.

How do I contact the Management District?

The West Fort Bend Management District Contact information is:
Ellen Hughes
3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 306-7968 Direct

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