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Highway 90A Livable Centers Planning Study


District Standards

The District has the power to establish architectural and landscaping standards and guidelines. The written consent of both the Cities of Richmond and Rosenberg is required to approve standards and guidelines for use in the District.

The Board formed a Standards Committee in June of 2006, made up of experienced professionals with the objective to develop a minimum set of Standards for new development and redevelopment in West Fort Bend.

The purpose of the standards is to encourage positive development and they form the foundation to create a uniquely identifiable experience within the corridors through the consistent use of landscaping and architectural design elements.

All development and redevelopment projects within the District boundaries will be governed by the Standards.  To view the current standards click on the District Development Standards link below.

Initial review and approval of development and redevelopment projects, for conformance with the standards of West Fort Bend Management District, are handled by the Cities of Richmond and Rosenberg respectively based on the location of the project.

Lists & Disclosure Statements
Development Standards & Requirements
Permit Applications
  • 2021: Since the Fall of 2021 the West Fort Bend Management District has been responsible for median mowing along Hwy 90 between the FM 359 and the Brazos River Bridge.
  • 2017: Since the Fall of 2017 the West Fort Bend Management District has been responsible for median mowing along FM 359 between Hwy 90 and Mason Road. This project is made possible through an interlocal agreement between the District and adjacent Municipal Utility Districts.
  • 2016: Richmond Pecan Festival
    The WFBMD became an integral sponsor of the revived Richmond Pecan Festival and are actively involved in the planning of the 2017 festival to be held in November.
  • 2012: Apache Corporation Tree Grant
    Recipient of 250 live oak and pine trees that were used to reforest public areas after the drought of 2011.
  • 2011: Appoint an Executive Director
    Through a gracious grant from The George Foundation, The Board of Director’s retained a a full-time Executive Director. The position will expedite development review processes, coordinate revisions to the Districts development standards, undertake outreach efforts to the public, build a greater business friendly environment and a vast array of other District related duties.
  • 2009: TxDOT Enhancement Grant
    The Board of Director’s and commuity volunteers submitted an ambitious plan to enhance the intersection of F.M. 762 and Hwy 59 during the last call for projects from TxDOT in 2009. After waitng for several months the District and County received notice that the project proposal had been selected for funding. Implementation will occur at the end of the current TxDOT expansion of this intersection around the later part of 2018.
  • 2008: Landscape Master Plan
    In 2008, Asakura Robinson worked with the District to create a landscape architecture master plan. The project was a collaboration of efforts from the cities and the community and reflects a landscape palette to enhance the aesthetics of the area and promote additional economic development.  To undertake the project the District received a grant from the George Foundation which provided seed funding through their matching grant program, with the balance of the funds coming from District Patrons.
  • Monthly Maintenance
    The District mows and maintains certain segments of the Hwy 90A corridor.
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